Neopets fansites need to step up

Neopets fansites don’t care about the search engines. Neopets fansites have been growing ever since Neopets first opened up to the worldwide web back in 1996; however, with so many fansites being introduced to the web, why don’t more fansites rank in the top 20 for “Neopets?” If your Neopets fansites get ranked on page 1 for “Neopets” on google, your fansite will bring in at least 10,000 daily unique visitors. We know of a few Neopets fansites that have optimized to rank for “Neopets” by building links for “Neopets cheats” and “Neopets” and these sites are and, however; both fansites can still be optimized better. Let’s take Neopets fanatic as our first example. She’s currently in the top 10 for “Neopets” because she hit all the other big-blogs on the web with her half-decent blog success story, but if she’s so successful, why are most of her pages down? Let’s take the archive links as our prime example. It returns a MySQL error. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_tag() in /www/data/neopetsfanatic/wp-content/plugins/seo-title-tag.php on line 68. If she wishes to maintain her rankings for Neopets, she better fixes these bugs, or she’ll drop for her rankings very soon.

Thedailyneopets is our next target now, and they’re currently two rankings under Neopets fanatic for “Neopets.” We believe with our tips, they can surpass her blog as being the most prominent “Neopets fan site,” and we think they should change the following things. Their homepage currently as its header tag as “Neopets:: Welcome to The Daily Neopets!”, who would do such a thing? We know we’re on the homepage now, so please change the header tag to “Neopets, Neopets Freebies, Neopets cheats.” Like we’ve suggested to you before! Without backlinks, you will not maintain your ranking on Google, and we’re sure you’ll be very pissed about that one.

Our tips for all Neopets fansites owners are to make good use of the titles of your homepage and meta descriptions. If you’re a Neopets fansite owner, then your site’s claim should be something like “Neopets fansite name here – Neopets cheats, Neopets freebies,” not only having Neopets in your site’s title helps you get ranked, but also your meta description. Something like “Neopets fansites provides Neopets cheats, Neopets Freebies, Neopets Dailies, and Neopets tips!” would help you with getting ranked on the search engines. Remember, if you’re a Neopets fansite, then getting on the first page for Neopets is your friend.

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