Can You Use A Leash For Your Pet Cat?

A lot of people with pets want the companionship that is often associated with animals such as dogs can lead us to want the same relationship with other animals. That is often why we see people walking animals like Iguanas on leads. However, others want the freedom of some pets like cats but still want companionship, too. So, that often raises the question; can you use a leash for your pet cat? The simple answer is yes, you can. The thing that you have to remember, though, is that it will take time and patience.

You need to let the cat get used to a good, well-fitting harness. First of all, pick one that you know will fit without trying it on them. That’s because you do not want to frighten the cat. Next, allow the cat to get used to the harness by letting her see it, maybe eating off it. When you think that she is used to seeing the harnesses, try it on her. Let her roam around the house with it, and take it off as soon as she becomes unnerved. When you finally take the cat out on the lead, make sure to stay close to the home, so you can simply take it off and they know where they are. Keep at it, it will not be a quick process, but you can do it.

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