Can You Use A Dog Kennel As A Chinchilla Cage?

There comes a time in every pet owner’s life that they either have to rehome their pet, or they pass away. That time is very sad for everyone involved, and it can, and does, leave the owner a little lost. One issue that comes up pretty often is that they do not want to have the same type of pet again. It has happened to me, I had Akitas, and when I didn’t have them anymore, I knew that, if I had another, it just wouldn’t be the same. That leaves you with all of the supplies for the pet, but no pet. So, we have been asked recently; can you use a dog kennel as a chinchilla cage?

The answer is pretty simple; unless you have great experience in setting up a dog kennel as a cage for a chinchilla, you shouldn’t do it. There are far more well-suited options out there at relatively low costs. If you are thinking of a dog kennel that you would have outdoors, then it may be possible with the right set-up inside, and a good door. However, a crate is of no use at all, as the gaps are too big. You are far better off selling what you have, even if it hurts, and buying a proper cage!

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