Can You Have A Pet Bird Of Prey?

The simple answer is yes. However, unlike other animals such as dogs, there are some pretty strict requirements that you face with having any bird of prey. Therefore, before buying one, there are a few avenues that you need to explore, such as the legalities in your area, how you need to raise them, and what they can and cannot do. Furthermore, it would be extremely wise of you to go to a falconry center and speak to them. Tell them that you are considering one as a pet, and ask if they have tips. Maybe even pay for some hands-on experience with them for a while.

An alternative option is to find an owner of a bird of prey already, and ask if they can talk to you about how to look after them If they are in the same area as you, they should be able to give you some guidance about rules and regulations, too. Remember that, no matter how many books or articles you read, or how much you watch about them, the hands-on experience is going to be very different.

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