Are Fully Aquatic Salamanders Good Pets?

There are so many species of salamander that you can have as pets. There are terrestrial (land), semi-aquatic (both water and land), or fully aquatic (only water). This small article is going to take a brief look at whether or not fully aquatic salamanders are good pets or not. There are various species that you can look at, for example, the paddle-tailed newt, Axolotls, Spanish Ribbed Newts, Cynops, etc. However, even though they are fully aquatic and great as pets, there are some things that you need to take into consideration.

First of all, most salamanders will live in regions where there is a lot of current in the water. That is because they produce a lot of ammonia in their waste, and their skin is very porous. That means that, if they stay in their own waste (like in a tank), they will reabsorb some of that ammonia, and it is harmful. Therefore, the two biggest things that you need to ensure is that you: 1. have a large tank – as large as you can. 2. you use a very good and strong filtration system. Furthermore, you will need to complete regular partial water changes to keep the water clean.

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