Are Cat Food Pouches Recyclable?

Plastics are a huge concern to the planet, and we all want to do our part in helping the climate change battle that we live in. That makes us question everything that we do with our rubbish. One of the most common questions from pet owners regarding recycling is: Are cat food pouches recyclable? If you have a big cat, like a Maine Coon, you may get through three pouches a day. That’s nearly one hundred in a single month for one cat. That is a lot of waste to send to landfill if we do not need to.

While the cat food pouches are not widely accepted as recyclable, there is good news. A lot of companies have created programs to start recycling the pouches themselves. For example, the cat’s protection in the UK runs a scheme where you can send the used pouches to them and recycle them. Depending on the facilities available at your local recycling plant, you may find that they will accept the pouches for you.

Therefore, the best idea is to contact your local authority and see if they will accept them. If not, you can search for a local program to send them to and do your part in cutting down waste from owning pets.

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