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Why Is My Pet Rabbit Shedding So Much?

Why Is My Pet Rabbit Shedding So Much

Before we get too far into this article, the question; why is my pet rabbit shedding so much is a very common one. However, the truth of the matter is, rabbits DO shed their fur quite a lot. For people who

have recently got their first pet rabbit, the amount of shedding may come as a surprise, as it is not something that people will tell you when you buy one. However, rabbits have two main coats; a winter one, and a summer coat.


will not just grow a second coat over the top of their summer coat for the winter, as some
dogs do. They will shed their summer coat and grow a winter coat. Likewise, they will shed their winter coat and grow a
summer one. They are the two shedding cycles that you will see in most rabbits. However, if they do not go outside much, you may find that they have a lot of shedding seasons, almost to the point that they never seem to stop. If the shedding seems to be in patches, and an abnormal
amount, you may want to have them checked for parasites.
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