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When Do Iguana Eggs Hatch?

When Do Iguana Eggs Hatch

Iguanas will always lay eggs, even if they are not fertilized. Therefore, you will see around 15-75 eggs each year from the time your female reaches sexual maturity age. However, as we have just said, that is irrespective of if they are fertilized eggs or not. As for fertilized eggs, when do they hatch? After mating

, a female iguana will lay pale eggs into a burrow around 65 days later. Between 90 and
120 days later you will see that the eggs will start to hatch.

That means that 155 – 185 days from mating, you will see baby iguanas

starting to hatch from the eggs. However, with the population of iguanas on the rise, it is ideal
if you can check to see if you can rehome the baby iguanas before you mate them. If you do not have homes for them, you can be left with a lot of iguanas that you
will have to look after, and no, it is not ok to release them into the wild.
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