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What Pet Tortoise Stays Small?

What Pet Tortoise Stays Small

Let’s face it, there is a huge allure to the tortoise species, and keeping one as a pet. However, when you think of tortoise, you often think of something large, heavy, and pretty difficult to handle. That is not the ideal situation to be in if you are looking for a family pet, especially not if you have children, too. They all want to be involved, and if they are too heavy to handle, then you are going to struggle to get them involved. Furthermore, the larger

the animal, the larger area you need for them. So, with that in mind, we have had people asking us about which pet
tortoise stays small?

No one wants a Giant Galapagos tortoise at 6 feet long in their garden! If you are a beginner at

owning tortoises, then there are a few options that you have for tortoises that will stay small throughout their lives. They are Pancake Tortoise, with an average length of 6-7 inches fully grown. The Russian Tortoise, growing to 6-8 inches. And the Hermann’s tortoise that will rarely grow
longer than 8 inches. So, these three species are definitely worth looking at as your first, small tortoise.
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