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What Is Post-hibernation Anorexia?

What Is Post-hibernation Anorexia

If you have a tortoise or researched them, you will know that many species, but not all, hibernate during the winter months. It is vital that you look after your pet tortoise very well. That is because there is something called post-hibernation anorexia that a lot of tortoises can suffer from. While anorexia in tortoises is not only caused by hibernation, that is our focus of this article. We will look into how to put a tortoise into hibernation in another

article in the future. The first thing that you need to know is that, if your tortoise has not drunk within two
days, eaten within a week, or urinated more than once in six weeks, they need to see a vet.

Some of the

causes of post-hibernation anorexia are: Too long hibernating, not reaching the correct temperature after hibernation, disease or injury, or the low white-blood-cell count. Treatment for post-hibernation anorexia can only be completed by a veterinary practitioner and is not something that you should try to do
yourself. That is because there is no easy way to treat the condition from home.
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