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What Do Pet Ferrets Eat?

What Do Pet Ferrets Eat

Ferrets do not absorb nutrients from food effectively, so it is vital that you feed them the right food to stop them from becoming poorly. However, what do pet ferrets eat? While they

will eat almost anything that you give to them, with the exception of some individuals, there are certain things that you should avoid. For example, carbohydrates are not good for a ferret. They cannot digest them, and therefore are not beneficial

In the wild, a ferret will only eat meat. Furthermore, they will eat

every part of an animal that they catch; bones and all. The best thing that you
can feed to a ferret is the same as they would eat in the wild, such as mice, chicks, rats, etc. However, do not catch animals yourself, as they may have diseases that they can pass on to your ferret, and leave you with a big
vet bill or worse.
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