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How Many Pet Ferrets Are In The World?

How Many Pet Ferrets Are In The World

Pet ferrets are becoming more popular as time goes on. Whether it is just curiosity, or if you are doing research on the topic, you may want to know how many pet ferrets there are in the world. The problem

with a question like that is, it is extremely difficult to answer. A lot of people own them for catching rodents, and other people keep them as pets alone. However, as they are not a breed of animal that is registered, there
is no way of telling exactly how many people own them.

However, according to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), There are

326 households that own ferrets in every 1,000 in the United States. With over 132,736,055 households in the U.S alone, that means
that approximately 43,271,953 households in the U.S alone have ferrets. Therefore, all that we can really say is, there are a lot of pet ferrets in the world. However, one thing that we should take note of is, there are so few black-footed ferrets in the
wild that they are considered endangered. So, please do not try and catch one as a pet!
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