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How Does Cat Flea Treatment Work?

How Does Cat Flea Treatment Work

Many, if not all, pet owners have experienced fleas once in their time as pet parent. Therefore, it is very likely that you have got one of the pipettes from a vet, placed it on the back of their neck, and not long after, the fleas

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are gone. Well, most of the time. Sometimes you will need to treat the home and soft furnishings. So, how do the cat flea treatments work? How can one pipette on the back of their necks get rid of fleas all over their body?

When you use the spot-on treatment, the active chemicals in the treatment

will seep into the sebaceous glands on
the animal’s skin. Then it goes through the animal’s gland system into all of the glands on their skin that oils their coats. That means that all of the fur will have the active ingredient on it in a pretty short time. That chemical (pesticide) then gets into the flea’s body when they bite the animal, and attacks their nervous system, rendering them unable to feed, thus killing
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