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Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons

We as humans have pretty obvious belly buttons, it is rare to meet someone who has one you cannot see. But, one question that people are often confused about is; do dogs have belly buttons? I mean, they still have the umbilical cord while they are in the mother, so they must have a belly button, right? Well, yes, they do. All animals

that use a placenta while in the mother have belly buttons, they are used for the delivery of nutrition and oxygen, and the removal of waste from the babies while in the uterus.


, they are a lot more difficult to find on our four-legged friends. A belly button is essentially just a scar from the removal of the umbilical cord, and scars are extremely difficult to find on animals with long furs
, such as cats and dogs. Furthermore, they are pretty small, too. If you look closely enough, though, you may see a darker patch of skin or fur, just under your dog’s ribcage. If you find it too easy, it can be a herniation, which is an outie belly button on humans, and you should take your dog to the vet as soon as possible if you start to notice that.
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