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Can Maine Coons Go Outside?

Are Maine Coon Cats Friendly

Maine Coons are beautiful cats, and they are very sought-after pets. However, a lot of people will only ever have them as indoor cats. That can, and does, raise the question of; can Maine Coons go outside

? The answer to this is a simple one; yes they can. The problem is, they can only go outside in certain conditions. A lot of people who own them only have some of the vaccinations given to them, and the one that is usually left out is the vaccination specifically for outdoor
cats. So, if you are inheriting an older cat, you will need to check if it has all
of the vaccinations it needs.

However, many people decide not to let their Maine coons out on their own. That is because of them being so obviously

not a “normal” cat. They are often stolen. Some owners will try to balance the indoor/outdoor ration out, by having a cat pen that you can let them out into for sunlight and vitamin D, or taking them out with a harness. Not many
people that own a Maine coon will freely let their cats roam around without being supervised. However, ultimately, the decision is yours.
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