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Can Guinea Pig Mites Transfer To Humans?

Can Guinea Pig Mites Transfer To Humans

You may have already seen our article about the contagiousness of Guinea pig mites. You may also know that all living animals are susceptible to parasitic infestations. If you have ever seen a guinea pig with one of these infestations, you will also know that they can be very bad. So bad in fact that they need specialist guinea pig

vets to treat them. Furthermore, no matter how tempting it may be, you must never bathe
them while they have an infestation. That is because it can be painful enough to cause seizures and possibly even death. However, can those guinea pig mites transfer to humans

Luckily, the answer is no, guinea pig mites cannot transfer to

humans. They are specific to the species and unable to live on any other animal. While you are treating them, they may get onto your skin, which can cause irritation. But they will not live there. There is a chance that people with
sensitive skin may react to the contact with the mites, but they will not stay on you.
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