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Building your own Dog House

Building your own Dog House

Building your own Dog House

If you decide to build your doghouse, make sure you get some good plans. There are a lot of various methods available, but you need to get the ideas that are right for you. It does not have to be hard or complicated, find a straightforward plan, and go with it. One of the first things you need to

look at is keeping your dog and his dog house dry.

A dog house that is waterproofed can still have issues with moisture leading to mold which can make fido sick. Keeping your dog house properly ventilated is very important. If you are looking to insulate your dog’s home make sure it is needed. Some dogs will not need the warmth

that other dogs need. Dog’s with heavy coats are that way so they can exist in cold weather. Even some short haired dogs are thick with insulation. Keeping your dog out of
the elements and the wind is essential, but don’t over do the insulation. The insulation you do use needs to be covered, so your dog doesn’t chew it or eat it, making him sick.

Size is a big issue. Also, Dogs do not like sleeping in a vast area. Keep the dog house big enough to let your dog lie down, plus 3-5 inches on each side. Try to make the height 4-6 inches taller than your dog. Keeping the space relatively small lets the dog’s body heat k

eep the dog house warm. Wood is a great building material and is easy to use. It is very affordable, and plans can be located all over the internet. Take a look and all the different options and build the perfect dog house for your pet.
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