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Are Pet Mice Nocturnal?

Are Pet Mice Nocturnal

If you are thinking of owning pet mice, you may want to know if they are nocturnal or not. Well, this article looks at some of the behaviors of mice and their sleeping habits. If you want to own a mouse or mice, you will want to know when they are active to give them attention

when you have time, instead of leaving them when they are awake.

Mice are nocturnal and crepuscular animals

, meaning that they are active throughout the dusk, night, and dawn, and they sleep through the day. That means that you should leave
them plenty of dark places for them to rest throughout the daytime. For example, deep straw for a bed, tunnels, and
other hiding places. Furthermore, you may want to keep them in a quiet place during the day and do not get a lot of activity.

Ensure that you leave the hiding places shallow enough and accessible e

nough for you to check on them during the day. Never let them burrow so deep that you are unable to see them at all.
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